Copianto AI Secures €100,000 Investment in Shark Tank Malta, Spearheading EU Expansion.

Valletta, Malta – January 22, 2024.

Copianto AI, a pioneering enterprise AI search infrastructure platform, proudly announces a significant milestone with the successful acquisition of a €100,000 investment during Season 03 of Shark Tank Malta. The capital, secured from four prominent sharks:

Mark Bajada – Chairman of Bajada Group, Malta’s largest alternative energy company as well as BajadaLyons Group – a company that serial invests in multiple start-ups and businesses.

Alexander Fenech – CEO of Brown’s Pharma group. Malta’s largest pharmacy and wellbeing chains Brown’s Pharma is also in the process of expanding in the UK as well as Canada.

Dr.Kirsy Kullboer Rojo – Co-Founder of Skrill, the online wallet. She is now a serial investor based in Malta.

Dino Fino – CEO and founder of Dino Fino Group – a leading furniture maker and distributor in Malta and the EU region.

The Sharks will be instrumental in establishing Copianto AI’s local headquarters in Malta, positioning it as the central hub for the company’s expansion into the broader European Union market.

Background and Product Evolution

Originally founded with a focus on text generation and analytics by alumni (Timothy K. Afrane Wuo-Asare, Alex Boateng, Daniella Darlington and Sosu Alfred) of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School Of Technology (MEST Africa) based in Accra, Ghana 🇬🇭, Copianto AI has undergone a strategic evolution, pivoting towards providing robust enterprise-level search infrastructure solutions. Driven by a commitment to advancing conversational AI applications, the company’s innovative approach empowers organisations to seamlessly build and deploy AI-driven apps across various platforms and industries. Copianto AI is a MEST Africa portfolio company with a $100,000 pre-seed investment from MEST Africa in 2022 and also a startup participant in the BlueSPACE Innovation Exchange Program.

Strategic Investment and Market Focus

The €100,000 investment, a testament to the confidence of influential investors and renowned personalities in Malta and the EU region, will be pivotal in Copianto AI’s mission to redefine the conversational AI landscape. The four sharks involved bring vast experience and industry influence, positioning them as strategic partners in the commercialization of Copianto AI’s products throughout the EU.

The investment will be strategically utilised to establish Copianto AI’s local company headquarters in Malta, facilitating streamlined operations and providing a springboard for EU-wide expansion. It’s important to note that the sharks will collectively hold a 30% equity stake in the Maltese company, underlining their commitment to the long-term success and growth of Copianto AI within the EU with additional capital deployment.

Strategic Collaborations with Sharks and  Copianto AI’s Vision for the Future

As part of the investment deal, Copianto AI’s solution will be seamlessly integrated into the various holding and portfolio companies of the sharks involved. This collaboration not only highlights the investors’ belief in the transformative potential of Copianto AI’s technology but also positions the company for accelerated growth and market penetration. With the establishment of its Maltese headquarters, Copianto AI envisions playing a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of AI-driven search infrastructure across industries within the EU market. This strategic move marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for the company, positioning it as a leader in reshaping the conversational AI landscape.


About Copianto AI:

Copianto AI’s mission is to help the world find meaning through search. Copianto is a semantic search platform company that enables customers to understand exactly what their users are asking – no matter how they ask – to provide extraordinarily relevant results. Our enterprise AI search infrastructure empowers organisations to build and deploy conversational AI apps across diverse platforms.  Get started with

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