Channels - Voice

Elevate your customers’ calls with AI brilliance.

Experience a whole new level of customer engagement with our Voice agents. It’s more than just an interactive voice response, it’s a human-like conversation.

More than just an Interactive voice response

Your customers don’t have to experience lengthy hold times waiting for a human agent to resolve complaint or complete their transaction. They don’t have to experience scripted responses when they call your customer care service. Welcome a practical solution that enhances every customer care service call, making it more effective and enjoyable for your customers to reach out to you.

Setting up your Voice agent is easy

Create an agent

Start your voice channel setup by simply giving it a name and selecting channel type as voice.

Communication tone and agent voice

Whether to be formal or informal, choose your communication tone. Beyond the default agent voice, get unique human-like voice for your agent.

Assign phone numbers & test your voice agent.

You can add your existing phone number or buy new phone numbers and assigned to the voice agent. You can test the voice agent either on a phone or web call.