Your one platform to Elevate your customer experience with AI.

Copianto’s conversational AI platform enables your company to build an AI agent that is personalised to your business and customers.

Copianto AI is trusted by organisations with millions of customers across a wide range of industries.

Delight your customers while improving business outcomes.

Customer success enablement

Enable your customers to get answers, solve problems, and take action through a natural, conversational experience.

Sales Enablement

Intelligent sales assistants that can help qualify leads and close deals faster.

Product copilot

You can create an API key that lets you integrate your chat agent securely into your platforms.

Intuitive and authentic conversations

Conversation that make your customers feel comfortable and mirrors the nuances of human conversation.

Cross Channel; Interact with your customers on their preferred communication channels

AI Voice Agent

Transforming communication dynamics, our integration into voice calls facilitates effortless interaction, delivering instant assistance and convenience at the tip of your tongue.

AI Live Chat agent

As a floating chat widget on your websites or web applications, chat agents that lets your customers resolve complaints easily.

Whatsapp & Social Apps

Contact over 2 billion WhatsApp users on whatsapp and other popular social media apps for improved accessibility and connectivity, ensuring a cohesive and interactive experience.

AI search agent

AI-powered conversational search bar for documentation to help users find the information they need at the speed of thought.

The results speak for themselves.

The Regional Maritime University prioritizes leveraging technology to enhance student and university community support. Copianto AI’s conversational AI platform has proven to be a valuable tool. We can now create virtual assistants that provide intelligent responses to questions, offer guidance on various matters, and even assist with basic IT troubleshooting. The platform’s user-friendliness and Copianto’s natural language processing ensure smooth and natural interactions. Copianto has demonstrably streamlined student support, freeing up IT staff to address more complex issues.

Lionel George

IT Manager, RMU